3 Staple Pieces For All Of Your Holiday Parties

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The holiday party season has begun! With this year’s truncated timeline from Thanksgiving to the Christmas-slash-New Year’s break, I’m hearing from guys doing the double-booked party dash seemingly every night clear through 2020. If that describes your social calendar schedule, too, then 1) congrats on being well-liked enough for people to want to spend time with you socially. Seriously, there’s a lot of assholes out there, so it’s not nothing. And 2) let’s talk about what you’re going to wear to all these shindigs!

Holiday parties—whether for work, at home with family, or out with friends—are truly guys’ time to shine in the sartorial department. If you’ve been itching to bust out that velvet sport coat stuffed in the back of your closet, a “festive attire” dress code is your moment. Don’t let it pass you by.


If, on the other hand, you’re staring down a closet full of staid sweaters and solid suits that look anything but merry and bright? Well, don’t worry, because SG’s got you covered.

Below, the three men’s style essentials to turn any holiday party look from ho-hum to ho-ho-ho.

Aside from weddings with a “creative black tie” dress code, the holidays remain the best time for guys to break out a statement sport coat (we don’t like the term “flashy” but, well…). This can mean anything from an on-the-nose holiday jacket or blazer—think: tartan or any plaid combo in red and green—to any out-of-the-ordinary color or texture.

When it comes to pulling off a louder coat, make sure the rest of your look is well-tailored. No pants pooling at the ankle, and keep your shirt tucked in. From there, the final touch is a healthy dose of confidence. And maybe a glass of champagne in your hand.


Why yes, I’m still heading up the committee for More Men Wearing Turtlenecks in 2020. We’re having a bake sale next Tuesday!


Here’s what I’ll say if you’re still on the fence about turtlenecks: If you’re worried you can’t pull off this sweater in “real life,” then a holiday party might be the perfect opportunity to take the style for a test spin. If you feel like it’s not you, you can just say you were trying to get into the holiday spirit and call a fashion mulligan.


The pinnacle of festive guys’ style, even the least preppy guy can pull off patterned pants during the holidays. If you don’t think you’ll get enough mileage out of a tartan or plaid, try an unexpected jacquard, or even a more straightforward dress pant with a cool racer stripe down the side?

Hint: Any of these pants would look great paired with a turtleneck. Just sayin’!

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