A Black Man Says He Was Attacked And Beaten By A Racist Biker Club

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A Black man waiting outside of a bar for his friend was attacked and beaten. As Harrisburg, PA ABC affiliate ABC 27 reported, a biker gang surrounded and beat the man in what he calls a racist attack.


Kevin Maxxon, a local community activist (and a former candidate for the Pennsylvania house of representatives in the 2020 elections) was waiting outside of the Roadhouse Cafe Bar and Grill in Swatara Township for his White friend. That’s when he says he and his friend were surrounded by a group of men from a biker gang who started yelling at them.

“A group of maybe 11 to 13 men surrounded us and started yelling racial slurs and telling him he was a traitor and started assaulting us,” Maxson said.

Maxxon, a known advocate against racism and violence, tried to deescalate the situation. He told them he didn’t want any trouble and that “I’m trying to make sure my friend gets home safely.” Of course, they didn’t listen, nor did they care to. Maxxon was attacked and left beaten and cut as he tried to fend them off.

In the midst of the chaos, Maxxon says that that the group “told us they were Pagans Biker Club. They were from the West Virginia area and they migrated up here.”

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The police finally showed up with some of the bikers that were left being arrested. Now Maxxon has informed the local district attorney about the incident. And even though he was beaten, he has no ill feelings.

I’m not angry. I’m not thinking about lashing out or retaliating. I just want something to be done. I want the community leaders, I want the politicians, I want law enforcement to actually be more proactive in this approach before it snowballs and it turns into a bigger issue. ​​Harrisburg and the surrounding areas is no place for that type of violence. It’s no place for racism or bigotry. We’re trying to build our communities. We’re trying to unify to make changes for our children.


This isn’t the first time this Pagans Biker Club has dabbled in crime. In the summer of 2019, some of its members faced attempted homicide charges for beating a rival biker club member. And in March of this year, the club’s president was convicted of murder after he shot, killed, and dumped the body of someone.

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