A controversial replay review waived off what appeared to be the Predators’ first goal of the Stanley Cup Final


It looked like the Nashville Predators had taken an early lead against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final when PK Subban scored what appeared to be the first goal of the series. But a few minutes later the goal was waived off after a controversial challenge.

The play came a little over seven minutes into the first period of Game 1. After Subban intercepted a careless mid-ice clearance by the Penguins, he passed the puck forward for Filip Forsberg. After a wild scramble, the puck eventually found its way back to Subban’s stick where he wristed a shot past Matt Murray.

But just before the ensuing face-off, the Penguins challenged the goal, arguing that Forsberg had been offside.

The question was whether or not Forsberg’s right skate came off the ice before the puck completely passed the blue line and hit the blade of Forsberg’s stick. If Forsberg’s right blade is off the ice first, he is completely in the zone and offside.

To the naked eye, it certainly seems plausible, but is there convincing evidence that the skate is off the ice first? On top of that, it is not even entirely certain that Forsberg didn’t touch the puck before it completely passed the blue line.

However, after a brief review, the referees waived the goal off and the Pittsburgh crowd went wild.

The Penguins seemed to be energized by the reversal. Instead of being down 1-0 at home, they were still tied and went on to score three goals in the next 12 minutes to take a 3-0 lead at the end of the first period.

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