Americans spend 9 days a year commuting to work. Here are the 25 US cities where workers have the longest work commutes.

  • If you’re feeling the effects of burnout, your commute might have something to do with it.
  • Americans spend 20 more total minutes commuting than they did a decade ago, adding to the factors that make a city hard to work in.
  • According to a new study by Kempler Industries, Texas might be the hardest-working place to live: The Lone Star state is home to seven of the top 10 overworked cities.
  • The hardest-working city in the country is Washington, DC, where nearly 1 in 4 workers are 65 or older.
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Americans are spending more time commuting than ever — and it’s driving workers to burn out.

The average American commute rose to 27 minutes one-way in 2018. Workers now spend 20 more minutes commuting now than they did a decade ago, resulting in 17 additional hours in a year, according to The Washington Post. That same report found that the average American worker spent 225 hours (or more than nine days) stuck in their commute in 2018.

Rising commutes, along with long workdays and little time for vacation, is causing Americans to hate working.

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A recent study by machinery dealer Kempler Industries highlighted 25 areas where Americans are most over-worked. The study rated each city based on five criteria:

1. Length of their workweek

2. Average commute time

3. Percentage of the workforce aged 16 to 64

4. Percentage of seniors (65+) in the workforce

5. Percentage of unused vacation days among workers

Here are the 25 US cities where workers are likely most at risk of burnout, in increasingly overworked order.

Ivan De Luce contributed to a previous version of this story.

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