Android to iOS: Why I went back to the iPhone

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed the company was seeing a record number of Android users flock to iOS, a move largely attributed to iPhone growth in China, which increased by 87 percent in 2015.

For many Apple enthusiasts, these former Android users had “seen the light,” finally coming to their senses by migrating to the “superior” platform. Android fans, meanwhile, considered the exodus to be more sheep joining the Apple cult. So who is right?

We’ve covered what it’s like to jump from platform to platform before, but we thought we’d revisit the topic because of one simple fact: Phones have become so good over the past few years that you really can’t go wrong no matter which platform you choose.

For Ron, jumping between iOS and Android afforded him the opportunity to see first-hand what makes these platforms so good—and so different. I should mention that Ron was using the Galaxy Note 5 as his daily driver before switching back to iOS. There was nothing wrong with the Note 5 itself, but he did find Android to be lacking in a few key areas.

This isn’t meant to be an iOS vs. Android debate. Instead, we wanted to focus on why someone might switch from Android to iOS and vice versa. The main takeaway being both platforms have plenty to offer, it’s just a matter of what fits your needs.

Check out the video for a more thorough explanation of why Ron ditched Android for iOS. Do you agree with his assessment?

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