Audi Figured Out How To Get 15 More Miles Of Range Out Of The E-Tron

Photo: Audi

The 2019 Audi E-Tron is the German automaker’s first stab at a mass-produced electric car. Despite boasting impressive charging speed, critics (including us) were more focused on the car’s disappointing range. Audi will improve the E-Tron for the 2020, model year, though, which will hopefully mean increased range.

The E-Tron has a 95 kWh battery with a usable capacity of 83.6, according to Autoblog. Audi engineers tell the outlet they worked out that it is “safe to unlock more of the battery pack’s capacity” and increase it to 86.5. Other improvements will include better cooling, a more aggressive regeneration mode so electricity gets channeled back to the battery and redesigned brakes for less drag.


Ideally, these changes should up the range by 15.5 miles, the outlet claims. Currently, the EPA claims the E-Tron’s range is 204 miles. With these enhancements, the 2020 E-Tron could achieve a range of about 220 miles. If these powertrain changes make it to the U.S.-spec model, that is.

Yet, per Autoblog:

An Audi spokesperson told Autoblog the company expects the American-spec E-Tron will receive the updated powertrain for the 2020 model year. Details haven’t been finalized, though.

If we’re all realistic about how far we drive on a regular basis, the current E-Tron’s range is probably just fine for the majority of people. But range plays hugely into the psychology of a consumer, so if an automaker wants the public to consider its EV as a serious option at all, it needs to maximize the range of its car. It’s marketing.

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