Batman Has A New Batcave To Park His Batmobile In

Batman Has A New Batcave To Park His Batmobile In

Batman has to go to pretty extreme lengths to keep his bat-themed fetish vigilantism super secret, and when it comes to something as big as an armored and armed crime-fighting Batmobile of mass destruction, it can be tough to cover up. Unfortunately for Batman, and those wishing to avoid spoilers, we now know where Bruce Wayne pops the armor-plated hood.

Warning: Potential spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ahead.

Photos from the pages of a couple of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice companion novels surfaced on Heroic Hollywood today, including a brief description of the cave Batman stows away all of his cool gadgets—including the new Batmobile.


Batman Has A New Batcave To Park His Batmobile In

An elevator in Bruce’s glass house takes him down to the place where he stores all of his secrets: the Batcave! Bruce and Alfred have turned one of the old caves beneath the manor grounds into a secret headquarters. The rough stone ceiling hangs overhead and, since part of the cave is under the lake, water rushes down the stone wall and pools on the ground below. Suspended int he middle of the cave, in a series of rooms build from glass wall and giant beams, is everything Batman needs to fight crime.

There’s a also a page with a more specific description of parking allotment in the cave:

Batman Has A New Batcave To Park His Batmobile In

On the lowest level of the Batcave is the garage. A driveway leads to a secret exit for ground vehicles like the Batmobile. A landing pad is set up beneath a large opening in the Batcave’s ceiling, so Batman’s aerial vehicles like the Batwing can take off and land. And a special computer console allows Bruce and Alfred to examine the Batcave vehicles, so they can be easily fixed and upgraded.

Is it just me or does it seem like Alfred is getting all the hard work here? Perhaps that’s how it has always been, but one must wonder if the dude ever gets out.


We’ll hopefully get to see the Batmobile up close when the new movie comes out on March 25th, and it should show up briefly in Suicide Squad later this year, too.

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