Blip: I’d Love To Know When And Why You’d Do This

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I do love old Saab station wagons, and especially the ones that had the extra jump seat at the rear. For a small car, they could hold a lot—seven (crammed-in) people, or a bunch of cargo, and the layouts were flexible.


This Saab brochure from 1971 notes that unlike most wagons, there’s four passenger/cargo options with the Saab 95, and they include that one on the lower right there, with the second row seat folded for cargo, but the rearmost jumpseats with passengers.

When would you use that? You’d have less room for both cargo and seating, and the cargo would be harder to get to, and arguably the seat, too. Is that just for transporting someone you really didn’t like? Maybe it would be a good Uber-type layout, especially since the car only had two side doors.

I’m not sure, but it would send a message if you were going on a road trip with a couple friends and you, and that’s how they had everything set up.

I see how it is.

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