Brave Rider Tackles The Nürburgring on a Honda Africa Twin

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Screenshot: Nürburgring Biker Blog on YouTube

We don’t often hear about motorcycles at the Nürburgring. For one thing, the track doesn’t allow motorcycles to set official lap times around the full track like cars can, so riders are limited to the Bridge to Gantry lap time. For another, riding a bike at that track is an incredible feat that I, for one, wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. This guy takes things to the next level, however, setting a fast BtoG time on a Honda adventure bike on a greasy day.

Nürburgring Biker Blog says that greasy days are the best for tall soft adventure bikes, as they are more compliant and forgiving than a comparably powerful sport bike. With the bike’s stock fitment knobby tires, you don’t get the outright grip, and the limit is lower, but the bike won’t just drop away from you without proper notice.

It still sounds absurd.

Watch how this guy maneuvers around cars and gets some serious lean out of a bike that is ostensibly built more for hauling across open sections of North Africa desert than it is for the twisty curves of the Eifel Forest.


To give you some context, this time of 8:38 on an adventure bike is about the same as a Sport Auto test time put in by a Honda NSX back in 1997. Color me impressed.

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