Bravely Second: End Layer shows off its job classes in a new trailer

If Bravely Default followed in the tradition of Final Fantasy job classes, then Bravely Second: End Layer follows in the tradition of “deepening” a system by piling content on top of what already exists. The number of job classes in this sequel towers over its predecessor, and Square Enix has a new trailer to show them all off.

The list of new job classes are:

  • Guardian – Uses soul power to unleash powerful attacks.
  • Exorcist – Reverts HP/MP to a previous turn.
  • Wizard – Adept in spirit magic and spellcraft.
  • Charioteer – Arms proficiency improves in battle.
  • Catmancer – Learns certain monster abilities.
  • Patissier – Undermines foes with deadly desserts.
  • Bishop – Chants spells twice to double their potency.
  • Fencer – Changes stances to improve their attacks.
  • Astrologian – Uses astral magic to boost the party.

Bravely Second: End Layer launches in North America on April 15 for the Nintendo 3DS. Europeans will get the game on Feb. 26. On Feb. 11, Square Enix will publish a 10 hour demo through the Nintendo 3DS eShop in both regions.

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