Brett Favre Ignores NFL Mask Rules While on TV Assignment for NFL

Brett Favre conspicuously ignored the NFL’s mask policy in Tampa.

Brett Favre conspicuously ignored the NFL’s mask policy in Tampa.
Screenshot: FOX

Brett Favre’s surprise visit to Tampa Bay on Sunday sparked controversy around the football world.


Favre was spotted without a mask at Raymond James Stadium as he watched Tom Brady and the Buccaneers defeat the Carolina Panthers, a game fans were prohibited from attending.

Tampa Bay Offensive lineman Ryan Jensen took to Twitter to voice his thoughts on Favre making an appearance in the stands.


It was later announced that Favre was there with NFL Films as part of a television show, The Grind, for which the Hall of Fame QB was serving as a correspondent.

Yet, questions about Favre’s seeming lack of safety still persist. In numerous pictures on camera and in a video that has circulated on social media, Favre can be seen not wearing a mask and appeared that he had no mask with him. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Favre would be an anti-masker, considering he was golfing with his buddy Donald Trump, the leader of that club, last month.


It seems interesting that the NFL Films production crew would not ask Favre to wear a mask on camera, while the cameramen around him had theirs on.

Especially considering how the NFL has come down strongly on sideline personnel who have chosen to loosely adhere to face-covering requirements.


As everyone should know by now, the CDC has advocated for mask wearing to help stop the spread COVID-19.

Nobody should get preferential treatment to disobey safety guidelines, not even a Hall of Famer, especially in the midst of a pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 people.


Favre like every other individual going into a public place should look out for the safety of themselves and others by wearing a mask. It’s literally that simple.

Perhaps we’re asking too much of Favre, a man once took $1.1M from a Mississippi nonprofit supporting families in need for just one PSA in support. The directors of the nonprofit, of course, are currently under federal indictment.


This virus isn’t over and we still won’t likely have a vaccine ready till next year, so there is no room in our society for people who don’t follow these basic guidelines.

Help yourself and help society. Wear a mask. No matter who you are.

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