Brooks Designed a Birthday Cake Sneaker For Zappos’ 20th Anniversary

If you can’t eat a piece of birthday cake, you can at least wear some sneakers inspired by cake. Brooks is the newest addition to the evergrowing list of Zappos’ 20th Anniversary collaborations.

For the month of November, Brooks designed an exclusive running shoe for Zappos. The sneaker, which is a festive take on Brooks’ classic Ghost 12, is available for purchase on Zappos for $130. It comes in two cupcake-themed styles, both of which include the colors turquoise, beetroot, and white. Honestly, we’d call the turquoise-based sneaker more of an aqua blue, while the white-based sneaker is just a happy sprinkle explosion.


Since the two brightly colored sneakers are women’s, there is also a gold and black men’s Ghost 12 included in the sale. Additionally, there is a men’s and women’s “I Run For Cake” shirt, that obviously speaks for itself. If you really want to jump on the cupcake train, there are also two different pairs of sprinkles crew socks available for purchase.

The 20th Anniversary collabs have been ongoing for the past few months, with New Balance creating the sneaker for October (some sizes are still available for purchase).

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