Browns Even Suck At Cutting A Player Who Threatened To Kill Their Fans

The Cleveland Browns were unbelievably bad in their 24-19 loss to the Denver Broncos. Worse than Jets losing to Dolphins bad. Coverage sucked. Play call sucked. Clock management sucked. And not for the first time this season. Or even the second time. With 3:23 remaining on the clock, down five points and facing a 4th and 4, they even managed to screw up salvaging the game by throwing to the receiver with double coverage not the open one.


Cue a post-game profane Twitter rant from safety Jermaine Whitehead against Browns fans furious at his tackling, or lack thereof. The tweets included racist language and death threats.

Threatening to kill your fans is not a good look.

Whitehead also responded to a tweet by Browns TV and radio broadcaster Dustin Fox that “Whitehead’s tackling today is a joke” with a slur and a warning to Fox not to “get smoked.”

It took 15 minutes for Whitehead’s Twitter account to be suspended.


But it was not until this morning that the organization cut him.

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