Charles Tillman’s next act: Joining the FBI and raiding rappers’ houses?

Peanut Tillman: Forcing criminals to fumble off the field.

Peanut Tillman: Forcing criminals to fumble off the field.
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Former Bears cornerback Charles Tillman can apparently add rapper Lil Reese to the lengthy list of people he forced to fumble the bag. Known for clamping down on receivers during his playing days, apparently he also clamped down on crime during his time as an FBI agent.


In an interview with VladTV, Reese, a Chicago-based artist, talked about an incident when his house was raided by a group of Feds that allegedly included Tillman.

To Lil Reese’s credit, I also would be confused if “homie who played for the Bears” rounded me and friends into the kitchen while a bunch of G-Men searched my house. When asked if Reese recognized Peanut, he responded “Hell yeah,” and said he proceeded to try to verify the surrealness that is a guy who he likely watched roam around Soldier Field walk around his house in the middle of an FBI search.

It didn’t sound like Tillman was super keen on dapping up Reese and his buddies, but at least he begrudgingly acknowledged that he was Peanut Tillman. I don’t know what to make of the rapper’s allegations that the FBI absconded with $100,000 of his cash like Tillman taking a pick six to the bank. The 13-year NFL player finished his career with earnings surpassing $50 million; I don’t think he needs to go rogue on the feds.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Tillman joined the FBI after he retired and even graduated from the training academy. (Is there a record for the physical fitness portion of the test? Did Tillman break it? If so, by how much?) There’s no way to be certain that he was the agent in the raid, and who knows if he’s even allowed to publicly talk about it. However, why would Lil Reese make that up?

Who knows, but raise your hand if you thought you’d ever read a story where Peanut Tillman, clad in an FBI jacket, helped conduct a raid of a rapper named Lil Reese. I know I didn’t.

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