Danuel House Gets Bounced from The Bubble for Getting Some ‘Room Service’

Looks like Houston’s Danuel House got bounced from The Bubble for trying to get some bootie.

Looks like Houston’s Danuel House got bounced from The Bubble for trying to get some bootie.
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This House no longer has a home in The Bubble.

Houston Rockets forward Danuel House is going back to his crib after an NBA investigation found that he had “a guest in his room over multiple hours” that was not supposed to be in The Bubble at that time.


It was reported earlier this week that House allegedly had a female COVID-19 testing official in his room. Which begs the question: How often are testers tested?


The NBA announced on Friday that House indeed had a guest in his room, but wouldn’t identify who the guest was.

The league also announced that House would be leaving The Bubble and not finishing the season with the Rockets. House has been an integral part of the Rockets’ success averaging around 11 points and 6 rebounds in the playoffs.

His exit will likely not have that great an impact on the playoffs as the Rockets are already down 3-1 to the Lakers and James Harden and Russell Westbrook haven’t shown any signs of being able to beat L.A. three games in a row. So, It seems House will be joined by his teammate in Houston shortly, and possibly as soon as tomorrow night when the Rockets and Lakers play Game 5.

It’s clear the league was not going to let anyone thwart their completion of this season, especially not a role player on a non-contender who was trying to spend a few hours with a “guest.”


What’s wild is that House could have invited someone to The Bubble after the first round. But I guess he wanted to meet some new people.

At the end of the day, House endangered other players by rolling the dice and subsequently got scrapped.


Hopefully, he was happy with room service that day cause it’s obvious that his employer isn’t.

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