Deadspin Presents: Our National Champ Bracket of the 32 most recent NCAA Tourney winners

Who ya got?

Who ya got?

We love a good bracket around here. And not just in March, but especially in March. So we’re paying tribute to the reason we’re doing brackets in the first place with a bracket based on 32 previous brackets.


Got it?

Our own Carron J. Phillips has taken us on a rollercoaster ride this week remembering and ranking the champs of the ’90s, ’00s and ’10s. You’ve read his rankings, now it’s time to give us yours. Voting will be live on Twitter as we whittle 32 teams down to one ultimate champ.

Will it be the Duke squad that took down UNLV? One of those stacked Kentucky vintages? A low seed like ’88 Kansas that made an improbable run? You tell us with your votes. We’ll print the results after every round.

We will do this even when you very clearly get it wrong, which early returns seem to indicate, in my book at least, with 2004 UConn sitting a few points up on one of my favorite teams of all-time, the 1989 Michigan Wolverines.

In the end, your collective voice will reign supreme. For now, get to Twitter and VOTE!

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