DeLorean releases hypnotic new commercial

For better or worse, the DeLorean is going back into production, and to capitalize on all the recent publicity, the automaker has released a strangely hypnotic video. We’re not really sure what point it’s trying to get across. If we take the song’s lyrics at face value, DeLorean wants to make us happy despite its reputation as maybe not the best car maker in the business.

It’s a beautifully shot commercial, no doubt about it, full of nostalgia and cinematic images. Following news that the automaker had plans to get back into the game, the company has clarified what’s on the horizon. Fans can expect a “turn-key” vehicle using many of the same parts that were used to create the original DeLorean that came out from 1981-1983 (the one made famous by Back to the Future).

In addition to offering the same look and feel of the old DeLorean, the company said it plans on building new engines for the upcoming cars that are emissions certified. The company also says that new tire options are being explored, as performance tires in 15-inch and 14-inch ranges are no longer available.

Check out the ad above and gaze at one of the stranger vehicles in the auto industry’s history.

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