Don’t do this FOX – don’t make Urban Meyer relevant again

FOX should definitely hire the guy who doesn’t know who Aaron Donald is to talk about football.

FOX should definitely hire the guy who doesn’t know who Aaron Donald is to talk about football.
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If I ever became President (let’s hope that’s never the case), my first executive order would be to make it illegal to say “Urban Meyer” and “NFL” in the same sentence, unless of course that name and organization are separated by either the phrase “does not belong in…” or “does not belong anywhere near…”, then and only then would it be okay.


Meyer’s inaugural season in the National Football League was hilariously bad, not to the people of Jacksonville it wasn’t, but to every other NFL fan, it was a fever dream, a rollercoaster with so many obnoxious twists and turns that onlookers couldn’t help but point, stare, and laugh. Just when you think the Meyer sage can’t get any more pathetic, WHAM! He kicks his kicker during warmups! KA-POW! He doesn’t know who Aaron Donald is! The idiocy never stops. You’d think all those reports detailing Meyer’s lack of empathy for his subordinates, subpar NFL knowledge, and disgusting behavior off the football field, Meyer would have a tough time getting a football job at any level. YOU’D LIKE TO THINK THAT WOULDN’T YOU?!

How dare you and I assume someone with as horrible a track record as Meyer wouldn’t be able to get his old job back less than two years after leaving? What were we thinking? Of course, he can just go back and pretend like nothing happened. Why wouldn’t he be able to do that? Geez, I look stupid right now. Never mind the fact that Meyer already had numerous issues pertaining to his reputation while with Fox before joining the Jaguars. Never mind the fact that he refused to report his former assistant Zach Smith after Smith was accused of abuse. Meyer even allegedly tried to cover up the fact that he knew about the allegations. Never mind any of that, the man is a three-time national championship-winning coach. He deserves to be on TV again clearly!

To be fair, nothing is finalized between Meyer and Fox, but during an interview on “The Tim May Podcast,” Meyer seemed confident that a deal would be reached before the start of next college football season. It wouldn’t surprise me if Meyer returned to the same exact role he had on “Big Noon Kickoff” despite the fact that Meyer was replaced by Bob Stoops, who did a fine job in the role, last year.

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If Meyer does find his way back on TV, I do hope he gets his old role back. Why? Because while most of his time is going to be spent cooped up in a studio talking with his peers, those few times that the “Big Noon Kickoff” set gets moved outside as a pre-game for a huge matchup, the signs behind Meyer are going to be nuts. Can you imagine just how many people are going to be behind Meyer with signs that read “Gotta block that 99 fella” or “It’s like playing Alabama every week”? I’m not even accounting for the thousands of college football fans with much more creative minds than me. Those fans are ruthless with some of their signs and the troll job that some fans are going to put up next season should be absolutely epic, and with how thin Meyer’s skin is, I wouldn’t be shocked if he started screaming back at some of the fans in the crowd. It wouldn’t be a good look and hopefully that would be enough to get him kicked off TV and away from anything football-related for a long, long time.

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