Fallout Shelter coming to the PC next month with new missions and content

Last year’s surprise hit at E3 2016 was Fallout Shelter, the mobile game Bethesda rubbed in our faces before Fallout 4 became a confirmed reality. No doubt, they wiped out half of the Earth’s fanboys with that little joke.

It turned out that Fallout Shelter was a really solid little mobile game that became be far more successful than anyone at the company could have hoped for. Since that is the case, Bethesda took the time to confirm at its E3 2016 conference that the game would be coming to the PC platform to reach an even larger audience.

Myself, I still haven’t played Fallout Shelter due to region-locking inside Japan, so this will be the first legitimate opportunity I have to see the game with my own eyes. Better a year late than never I suppose.

Bethesda stated that the port will be released next month in July but did not provide an exact date.

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