Gas Price Watch: Jada Pinkett Smith Calls For ‘Healing’ And President Biden Wants Prices To Come Down

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Hey all. It’s Wednesday – which means it’s nearly Thursday. Thursday is pretty much Friday and Friday may as well be the weekend. So enjoy that. I don’t know about you, but it’s cold here in the city. Oh, and gas prices haven’t gone up or down since yesterday. So, there’s really not too much to report on that front.


Is there anything you guys wanna talk about? How about Will Smith discourse? I’m sure that won’t upset anyone. Finally we hear from Jada. I wonder how she really feels though – and would she do the same for Will? Tough to say. On top of that – did you see what Zoe Kravitz said??? Wild. Google it if you didn’t.

Sorry, sorry – I was reminded by my editor that this is a gas price story, so I should really be getting back to that. CBS News is reporting the Biden administration is looking into way to lower fuel costs.

Among the options the White House is examining for reining in gas prices are reopening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, suspending the federal gas tax and offering incentives to oil producers to increase output, Stein said.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said she is open to suspending the federal gas tax on fuel. Democrats in the Senate have introduced legislation that would suspend the 18.5-cents-per-gallon tax for the rest of the year, although critics note that doing so would deplete the Highway Trust Fund, which pays for road maintenance. Several states have already eliminated their own state gas taxes.

Not all lawmakers are on board with giving breaks to energy companies. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is pushing for a tax on excess profits by oil and gas producers, which are raking in profits as energy prices spike. Four of the largest fossil-fuel extractors are posting sales 50% higher than last year, the independent senator noted in a recent tweet calling for a “windfall profits tax.”

Without further ado, let’s look at today’s gas price winners and losers.

Image for article titled Gas Price Watch: Jada Pinkett Smith Calls For 'Healing' And President Biden Wants Prices To Come Down

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Here is where you can find the highest average gas prices in the country in order of highest price for a gallon regular:

  • California – $5.92 Regular | $6.12 Mid | $6.25 Premium | $6.44 Diesel
  • Nevada – $5.25 Regular | $5.48 Mid | $5.68 Premium | $5.35 Diesel
  • Hawaii – $5.16 Regular | $5.37 Mid | $5.60 Premium | $5.62 Diesel
  • Alaska – $4.74 Regular | $4.92 Mid | $5.09 Premium | $5.21 Diesel
  • Washington – $4.73 Regular | $4.96 Mid | $5.14 Premium | $5.58 Diesel

Here is the lowest average price of gasoline in the country in order of lowest price per gallon of regular:

  • Missouri – $3.78 Regular | $4.05 Mid | $4.33 Premium | $4.74 Diesel
  • Kansas – $3.80 Regular | $4.07 Mid | $4.33 Premium | $4.79 Diesel
  • Oklahoma – $3.81 Regular | $4.10 Mid | $4.33 Premium | $4.76 Diesel
  • Arkansas – $3.8 Regular | $4.13 Mid | $4.43 Premium | $4.84 Diesel
  • Maryland – $3.82 Regular | $4.29 Mid | $4.54 Premium | $4.72 Diesel

See you all back here tomorrow for more gas price pain and celebrity debauchery.

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