Google Fiber scores a big expansion with new acquisition

google fiber

Google Fiber has been expanding at an impressive rate over the past few years, proving that the high-speed fiber internet service is more than just an experiment. Now the company is taking a big leap forward by acquiring a smaller internet provider with a complementary strategy.

Webpass confirmed this week that it’s selling its business to Google Fiber. The firm focuses on offering fast and accessible internet over a wireless connection, making it easy to expand. The startup also deals with apartment buildings and businesses, while Google’s largely pushed its Fiber service to individual homes so far.

Google’s main reason for buying Webpass may be the markets where it operates. The company boasts tens of thousands of subscribers spread across major cities like Boston and Miami. It also operates in Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco, all areas where Google also plans to eventually expand into.

Once the deal closes, Google Fiber will quickly become an even tougher competitor for established internet providers like Comcast, Time Warner and AT&T. That should mean better service for everyone as Google continues to expand even faster and the rest of the industry races to keep up.

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