Here Are Just Some Of The Jalopnik Community’s Amazing Rides

My current cars: ‘87 Shelby CSX #321, ‘89 Shelby CSX-VNT #321 (see user name), ‘02 Buick Regal 3.8L (my son is driving), ‘04 SRT-4 Neon (my daily), ‘14 Buick Regal 2.0L turbo (my FIL’s, but he doesn’t drive now so I drive it occasionally), ‘16 Ford Fusion 2.0L turbo, and I have the rolling shell of an ‘82 Dodge Rampage.

I need to get rid of the Rampage. Years ago my dad and I were going to build it like the Hotwheels model, but we decided it was too rusty and not a good starting point. I’ve had the CSXes for a long time, but I’m about to try to sell them. They’ve just been sitting in the garage, and somebody else should take them now so they don’t deteriorate. I bought the SRT-4 new almost 250K miles ago, and plan to drive it until it falls apart. Fun little car!

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