Here Are The Hardest Jobs That Involve Driving

Armored car, but not for the reasons you think.

1) The trucks are all steaming piles. All the trucks are re-bodied. The truck may have a new chassis under it but the body is over 20 years old and been on at lest four prior chassises. Think of all the hackery that goes into re-bodying a vehicle, now compound that over decades of half assed “do what you need and only what you need to get it out the door” repairs. If you’re lucky the company you work for does the minimum required maintenance to keep the truck on the road. More likely they’ll wait until it breaks or starts getting citations.

2) The coworkers are mostly terrible. It’s a shitty job, with shitty pay, and shitty hours. Anyone with skills, social or job, leave within a year. Most of the people you see in armored cars fall into two camps: Law Enforcement adjacent and people who have given up. If you’re lucky you get stuck with retired cops, they’re assholes but assholes who give 0 fucks. Then you have the bootlicking want-to-be cops who are doing armored car for “experience” (the only thing LE and AC have in common are uniforms and guns) . The vast majority of the bootlickers should never ever ever ever EVER be cops. The given up crowd has been beaten down by by the full weight of the universe. Every factory they’ve ever worked at has been shipped over seas, every business they’ve started got sued out of existence, every lover they’ve ever had has left them for their best friend, etc. They’re like abused dogs that stay loyal to their abuser because it’s all they know how to do.

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