Here’s How You Cope With Holiday Travel And Traffic

Echoing the “don’t crowd”.

That being said, I did travel years ago for Christmas when I was a single guy and my family was mainly about 600 miles away.

In one of the trips, my car blew up. Me and a friend borrowed my parents car and drove back. We drove back without stopping and listened to the radio to stay awake. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a CD player and we were stuck on whatever the local fill in DJ wanted to play at 3 am in the middle of nowhere.

And every fill in DJ wanted to play “The Lumberjack” by Jackyl. We must have heard that song 90 times during the trip. And we laughed every time we heard it. It got to be so goofy. 30 years later, those are my memories of that trip.

And that’s something to remember when if you HAVE to travel. Looking back, you will have a lot of memories of the trip, not just the visit. The time you got stuck in an airport waiting on a flight and spent 30 minutes watching a 70 year old wearing a unicorn horn wander around in flip flops that would scream at people for staring at her. The flight were somebody brought a cat in a duffle bag that spent the entire flight puking and thinking how much fun that would be for the owner.

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