Herschel Walker thinks we should give his former boss Trump a mulligan

In a shocker, Herschel Walker has a terrible idea.

In a shocker, Herschel Walker has a terrible idea.
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Herschel Walker, the 1980 Heisman Trophy winner and reason for the 1990s Cowboys dynasty after Dallas traded him to Minnesota for a massive haul, has an idea. It’s not a good idea, or a remotely plausible idea, but it’s an idea.


Walker, who spoke at the Republican National Convention this summer and said it hurt his soul to see racist Donald Trump called a racist, is upset with the results of the presidential election, and thinks that all this “counting of votes” that we do in this “democracy” is unfair because it’s not going his guy’s way. So, his idea is that the states that Trump is losing (and one he’s winning) should vote again.


“We can have it done within a week,” is quite a claim, considering that mail-in voting for these elections went on for multiple weeks, and the ballot count for the real election, which was planned and required a lot of logistical expertise to set up, is now stretching into a fourth day.

Full disclosure, in case you don’t already know, when Walker played for the USFL’s New Jersey Generals, the owner of the team was… Donald Trump.

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Obviously, Walker’s election redo idea is bonkers and won’t come to fruition, but so long as we’re unnecessarily redoing things in order to get a result that makes Walker happy, maybe we can get a do-over on the 1981 Clemson-Georgia game?

Actually, wait a couple of months and that might just happen in the College Football Playoff. But it still won’t change the fact that whoever wins the national title is going to visit Joe Biden at the White House and get a better meal than the “hamberders” that Clemson chowed down on the last time the Tigers went to Washington.

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