Hold up, that terrible Rambo game from 2014 is getting DLC!?

When Rambo released in 2014, it went in the books as one of the worst games to drop that year. It was a doozy, and most Rambo film fans and gamers sort of had a laugh and moved on.

Not so for developer Reef Entertainment, Ltd.. No, that team’s been working on DLC for the game, and now that DLC will drop for free on the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. Rambo: The Video Game‘s “Baker Team” DLC has no release date yet, just the trailer you see above.

Hey, the game has it’s fans, so I’m excited for those people to get more of what they love. I’m not the only one wondering why they’re releasing the DLC after all this time, though.

Reef’s Jaspreet Marwaha was asked about this on Twitter, and here’s how he responded.

@AndyChalk errrrrrr there were some problems, finally got them all approved and we felt that we owed it to everyone that wanted it

— Jaspreet S Marwaha (@JasSMarwaha) April 18, 2016

When asked if anything in the main game has been changed, he offered that “the new level cap and perks means that people can now get higher top scores on the original levels.”

Hey, Rambo fans, enjoy it. This is bizarre.

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