Holy Crap This Truck Got So Lucky Going Through Seven Lanes Of Traffic

Screenshot: YouTube

Near the city of Darwin in Australia, a woman and child in a white Toyota Hilux seem to have exhausted an entire lifetimes’ supply of luck as their truck barreled out of control through seven active lanes of highway traffic, without hitting anyone. They did end up crashing into a storefront, but both the woman and child were not seriously harmed.


Here’s video of the incident:

Holy crap, right? According to Darwin police, the woman lost control of the Hilux, “failed to negotiate a turn,” which I guess just means she kept going straight instead of turning, miraculously threaded the needle through all that traffic, and ended up crashing into a shopfront.

The woman and kid were treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, and, shockingly, no one else was injured.

I wouldn’t suggest she tries this again.

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