How To Pull Off Four Epic Movie Road Trips

How To Pull Off Four Epic Movie Road Trips

A road trip is a classic movie backdrop; easy allegory for character development, right? Check out this neat visual breakdown of the highway adventures from three great movies and one other movie. Now you can go buy a dog van and do one!

How To Pull Off Four Epic Movie Road Trips

Obviously Easy Rider and Dumb & Dumber are indispensable pieces of our cultural history. Notably absent from this list: Cannonball Run, Convoy, and The Supercharged Prelude To 2Fast 2Furious.

I think I remember Little Miss Sunshine being pretty good but I had to look up that Tom Green flick; which is now hysterically irrelevant with technology like “video tapes” and “mail” playing a central role in the plot.


But being reminded of Tom Green this inspired me to flip through his back catalog and man, was he ahead of his time. His original clips would still make a pretty solid YouTube channel.


Wikipedia says he’s still doing comedy. Wonder if putting his bum on things is still central to the performance.

Infographic via CarLeasingMadeSimple, image from Dumb & Dumber. Actually one of the sequels, I think.

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