Idiot of the Year Honorable Mentions: Because there were way more than 50 idiots in 2020

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Welcome to Deadspin’s IDIOT OF THE YEAR awards! Here we round up a small selection of idiots who didn’t quite make the cut in our top 50, as well as those who snuck their idiocy through late in the year.


Adam Gase, who couldn’t even execute a proper tank job

Betsy DeVos, for her repeated efforts to dismantle Title IX protections. That girl is poison


Tulsi Gabbard, for her standout work in the field of moronic transphobia

Mariano Rivera, for so openly embracing Donald Trump that it became impossible to ignore anymore. His betrayal cut deeper than his fastball

G/O Media may get a commission

Adam Silver, for successfully executing a summer NBA bubble, then, with the pandemic even worse in the fall, saying “the hell with it” and going ahead with basketball outside the bubble

Jarrell Miller, for failing a fourth drug test within a two-year span, again losing himself life-changing opportunities and millions of dollars. (He’s now banned for two years by the Nevada State Athletic Commission)


Raul Bobadilla, the Paraguayan striker who got so caught up in a goal celebration that he took out his dick. Whoops

Craig Carton, who hasn’t really done anything too bad since his return to radio, but you just know it’s coming


Nate Robinson, for not choosing better friends that would have talked him out of receiving an all-time ass-whooping

Denver Broncos assistant coaches, for really trying to suit up at QB in an NFL game


The dude that let this happen to him:


Big Trophy corporations, who sat idly by as Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz unjustly took the hit for shattering the team’s Mayo Bowl prize

Tom Gores, the obscenely wealthy Pistons owner who recently said it’s a “blessing” to own a prison phone company


All the people who never seem to recognize Tony Hawk in public

Mississippi State and Tulsa, for throwing hands and risking their scholarships in a game no one cared about. Even if the bowl was sponsored by violence, you can’t be drop-kicking folks in a college football game.


Air Bud Jr., for shattering his family legacy with a disturbing pivot to vaccine skepticism

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