I’m Driving The Volkswagen ID.4 AWD, What Would You Like To Know?

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Volkswagen is spicing up its competent ID.4 electric SUV with a two motor, 295 HP all-wheel-drive model. The ID.4 AWD is the automaker’s latest entry into the EV market, and this week I’ll get to see how it performs. I’m going to cover what’s good and what’s weak about it but what would you like to know about the ID.4 AWD?


I was excited when Volkswagen announced the ID.4 GTX. It’s the ID.4 we all know, but given a second motor and some slick cosmetic changes. We aren’t getting the GTX trim or its sporty visual upgrades, but we are getting its nuts and bolts.

The ID.4 AWD retains the original model’s 201 HP, 228 lb-ft torque rear electric motor and complements it with a 107 HP, 119 lb-ft front electric motor. Together, their max output is 295 HP and 339 lb-ft torque. The onboard battery pack is the same 77 usable kWh unit found in the RWD ID.4, and it loses some range powering two motors, so this model is good for up to 249 miles on a charge.

The power bump shaves its 0-60 mph time down by two seconds to 5.4 seconds. That’s a smidge slower than the 5.2 second time of the Ford Mustang Mach-E Select AWD and the 4.8 second time of the Tesla Model Y Long Range.

Volkswagen is well ahead on pricing. The EV comes in at $43,695 for the ID.4 AWD Pro. Pay $48,175 and you get the ID.4 Pro S, with the “S” oddly meaning “Statement.” The extra cash gets you stuff like an illuminated light bar, ambient interior lighting and a glass panoramic roof.

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Starting lower than the $45,595 Mach-E Select AWD and $53,990 Model Y Long Range, Volkswagen says that the ID.4 AWD is the least expensive AWD EV on the market.

On paper, it sounds like the ID.4 AWD has what it takes to compete. I’ll soon put the ID.4 AWD through its paces on Tennessee’s mountain roads. In the meantime, what would you like to know about it?

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