Insider Intelligence research director Dan Van Dyke discusses upcoming Financial Services launch

Insider Intelligence, the combined research firm of BII and eMarketer, will be launching Financial Services coverage in Q4 after much preparation throughout 2020. We spoke to Research Director Dan Van Dyke to discuss what clients and readers can expect from Financial Services.

Q: What’s new with Financial Services coverage from Insider Intelligence? 

DVD: We’ve been hard at work on a new Financial Services research vertical focus that we’re gearing up to launch to clients soon. I’m excited to finally talk publicly about it. 

Earlier this year, eMarketer joined with Business Insider Intelligence to launch our combined company: Insider Intelligence. Since then, priority No. 1 has been launching a larger financial services offering, which will include our best research from both of these teams.

This year has brought a lot of change, but our commitment to expand our financial service research has only grown. We’ve nearly doubled our team to bring our vision to life: We’ll end the year with 15 analysts covering financial services, as well as many forecasters and researchers.

US Banking Tech Spend Forecast

Insider Intelligence

Q: What’s this new Financial Services coverage going to look like? 

Financial Services will showcase the best content from both eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence, making it the first true Insider Intelligence combined offering. 

Together, our teams have built a deep and growing library of research about digital transformation. It will be the first source that clients can turn to for insights on digitization across financial services, which includes banking, payments, insurance, and wealth and asset management. 

At the moment, this library exists as thousands of pieces of content the team has been creating across Business Insider Intelligence’s and eMarketer’s sites. Later this year, it will all migrate to one centralized platform, which our talented Product team has been building.

Q: What content will it contain from Business Insider Intelligence and eMarketer? 

From the legacy Business Insider Intelligence side, clients will get our three financial services Briefing newsletters: Banking, Payments and Commerce, and Fintech. Every weekday, each newsletter digs into the top three to five developments in its respective area, featuring incisive analyst insight. Clients will also get 95+ trend reports on financial services topics, all of which were published in the past two years. Finally, they’ll get our cutting edge digital benchmarking reports, such as Mobile Banking Competitive Edge and Banking Digital Trust.    

The eMarketer side will also bring a wealth of content, including 1,300+ charts across key topics such as open banking and AI. One of the most exciting things Financial Services clients will get from eMarketer is intricate forecasts that pull from over 3,000 sources. These estimates follow a robust, seven-step process to ensure maximum accuracy. We’ve already built out over 80 new forecasts on key financial topics such as bank channel usage, IT spending in banking and insurance, robo-advisor adoption, and many more.

Learn more about Financial Services from a member of our team here.

Q: What do you cover on Financial Services? Who is the audience?

The focus of our research is digital transformation across financial services, which includes banking, payments and commerce, wealth and asset management, and insurance. This research is designed for all the divisions involved in digitization within those companies: product, IT, marketing, strategy, and more. We share information that these audiences need to digitally transform, including quantitative insights such as competitive benchmarks, consumer data or market sizings, and qualitative insights such as interviews and case studies.  

Q: What makes Insider Intelligence’s research on Financial Services unique?

We are the first source that clients look to for digital transformation in financial services. Our research stands up to the heaviest scrutiny: It’s reliable, independent, and vetted. And we deliver more insights than our competitors, and at a faster pace.

We do this by building on a foundation of closely examined secondary research. We track thousands of sources at Insider Intelligence, following a rigorous data vetting process. This allows us to unearth insights from amid the incredible volume of research being shared and created online. There is a lot more noise than signal out there, and our large team uses well-honed processes to cut out that noise. 

We build on our secondary research with must-have primary research through benchmarks of digital providers that feature consumer surveys. For example, we benchmark the mobile banking capabilities of the 25 largest US banks, 10 UK banks, and soon, seven Canadian banks. We are also launching benchmarks of the top four US and UK neobanks. Our benchmarks feature unique voice-of-the-customer methodologies to stack up providers according to survey data—not analyst opinions. 

Q: The coronavirus pandemic has had seismic impacts across the economy, and financial services providers have had to pivot rapidly. How has it affected your research?

When the pandemic hit, it seemed to be the only thing our clients cared about. As a result, it dominated our coverage for months, and is still a major factor we are exploring in our research. We have produced a huge amount of content on the topic, from daily coverage in Briefings to videos and report content. For just two examples, we published reports that contained pandemic-adjusted forecasts of online grocery and consumers’ use of bank channels. 

One of our most popular pieces of research is a detailed table that compared the largest US banks’ public-facing pandemic response efforts, digging into criteria that represented the most important differences in approaches. We created this research rapidly by listening to our clients and understanding that they were looking to each other for best practices in supporting customers and employees. I’m proud that our team was able to help our clients with this research, and I hope it had a positive impact on services made available to their customers in their time of need.

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