It Turns Out A Tractor Isn’t The Best Getaway Car

The tractor proved surprisingly nimble in the chase
Gif: Queensland Police

When you think of the perfect car for assisting your robbery, you often think of something fast, nimble, and with enough space in the trunk for all your stolen jewels —something like an Audi RS6 Avant might do the trick. Probably not a tractor though, right?


If you’re in the bike theft game, you might need a vehicle that’s a bit bigger. Something like a fast truck with plenty of space for all your stolen goods would fit the bill. Maybe a Ram 1500 TRX? Again, I’m not sure a tractor would be my first choice for this kind of heist.

But regardless of what I’d pick, a thief in Australia turned away from these high-performance machines and opted to raid the nearest agricultural lot for their getaway wheels.

According to Queensland Police, a thief in Australia attempted to steal two motorbikes from a dealership using nothing but a big yellow tractor.

The thief rammed through the window of a motorbike garage in Queensland, before strapping two bikes to the front of their tractor. Once secure, they made off with the bikes.

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Police soon caught up with the thief in their tractor, surprisingly, and were led on a moderately high-speed chase through the Australian suburbs.

A yellow tractor pulls two motorbikes out the window of a dealership

The thief tried to steal two bikes with a tractor
Screenshot: Queensland Police


In a video released by Queensland Police, the thief soon drops the stolen bikes from the front of their rig. They then led police around the houses, across fields and tracks, and even over a train line.

At one point, the tractor is abandoned — presumably the thief thought they would be faster on foot.


Police eventually tracked down the thief and said they arrested the 41-year-old man on several offenses.

The man has not been named by authorities, but has been charged with offenses including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, trespass on a railway, and two counts each of unlawful use of a motor vehicle and willful damage.

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