Jump Into 2020 With This Awesome Porsche Flunder Art Timelapse

My favorite automotive artist, Nicolas Hunziker, paints a new vintage racing-themed piece to celebrate each new year. It’s a fun and interesting automotive way to ring in the new year and show off his talents at the same time. This time he’s chosen to depict a scene of Jo Siffert jumping aboard the famous Porsche 908/2 Flunder. This year it’s even better because the 908 is my personal fave Porsche race car.

Here we are, at the end of the first day of 2020, and I’m still cautiously optimistic about the year ahead of us. Have you given up on your resolutions yet?


Any way you slice it, it’s worth taking 90 seconds to appreciate this artist hammering out another great racing scene. I’m always impressed by how Nicolas can see where the colors need to go in his mind before they make it to the canvas. The shading and ripples of Siffert’s race suit are exceptional.

Anyway, happy new year. Here’s hoping you don’t date too many documents with 2019 before you get the hang of it.

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