Kendrick Perkins and Quavo are apparently still beefing

Kendrick Perkins, who got no playing time

Kendrick Perkins, who got no playing time
Photo: AP

This is probably what Migos meant by, “You don’t get shit straight if you don’t straighten it.”


Perhaps Perk vs. Quavo could be resolved in the 2022 Celebrity All-Star Game, if that’s even happening anymore?

The origins of said beef date to 2018, when the Migos frontman dropped a solo album, Quavo Huncho (which went gold in 2019, for those of you who care about album sales). The album featured a song named “FUCK 12,” which contained the following notable lyric:

“Get no playin’ time, Kendrick Perkins”

And, as a Genius annotation notes, Perkins did not play one minute during the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff run to the 2018 NBA Finals. Perkins, in fact, only appeared in one game that season.

The next year, Perkins publicly discussed the then-growing beef with Kristine Leahy on Fair Game. It included Perkins saying, “You need to stick to staying with the Migos and not going solo,” and pointing out that his album was a flop commercially. (At the time of the show airing, Quavo Huncho hadn’t gone gold yet. Sales and numbers in any industry are also a terrible barometer for how good something may or may not be, but that’s another discussion for another day.)

Migos performed on Sunday’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul card in Miami, which Perkins was obviously watching, because he tweeted about it.


On Monday, Quavo tweeted out an apparent photo of a hand (presumably an animated representation of his own hand?) giving Perkins the uppercut, but moreover, it included the announcement that Culture 3 — Migos’ next album in their Culture series — drops this coming Friday.


And Perkins responded last night, doubling down on his past objections.


Ain’t nothin’ but a lil’ bit of straightenin,’ I suppose.

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