LeBron and Russ have first public ‘date’

Lebron and Russ meet the public.

Lebron and Russ meet the public.
Screenshot: @BenGolliver

Lebron James is pushing all his chips to the middle of the table and diving headfirst into this whole Russell Westbrook experiment. James is determined to prove his harshest critics wrong.


If you have not yet heard, the Lebron James ‘Keep that same energy,’ tour kicked off recently with stops at a training facility and an NBA Summer League game. Nothing like watching the stars of tomorrow while flaunting your new bestie in front of the cameras.

Here’s one clip from WaPo reporter Ben Golliver.

Despite James’ best efforts to make people love him over the years, the guy still receives a ton of hate — as you can hear a smattering of boos among those cheering — as James, Westbrook, and crew walk into the Summer League gym. Even with all the haters, James can still make time for his true fans as he takes a selfie with a young kid in the stands on his way out of the gym.

James posted pics of the two former MVPs in the gym for their first training session together looking like they’re having the time of their lives. It’s all smiles, giggles, and ice cream cones with sprinkles right now:

The real test to this new friendship will come in February or March as James sits back and watches Westbrook take ill-advised 18-footer after ill-advised 18-footer, each coming up short or clanking off the back iron. That’s when I want to see all the smiles and hugs, we’re getting right now. Oh, it’s going to be fun. Good times people, good times.

There is one person who believes this will all work out for the best. Lebron James’ No. 1 fan Kendrick Perkins. The former player-turned-ESPN analyst is not shy about showing his allegiance to ‘the King,’ and Perkins doesn’t doubt for a minute that these two won’t be holding the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the season.


As wrong as Perkins will be about this whole setup, it’s nice to see that loyalty still exists in professional sports. Even if you pick your friends to win most of the time, regardless of what’s really happening on the court.


Gotta stay on the King’s good side, right? After all, nobody wants to be banished from the James family Christmas card list.

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