Man Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Allegedly Yelling At Cops To Move Their Car Returns To Court

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Pro tip: Going off on cops that are blocking a parking spot will get you arrested. One New England man found that out the hard way after receiving a trip to the station with charges for yelling at said cops for blocking a parking spot. Now, over two years after the initial arrest, he’s back in court, reports The Daily News.


Curtis Mulcahy, a 44-year-old man in Amesbury, Massachusetts, must’ve been in a hurry. On Feb. 26, 2020, logs show that three officers, Neil Moody, Shawn O’Brien, and Barry Coker were responding to a call for a disturbance involving a group of people. For whatever reason, officers were outside “trying to figure out what was going on,” when Mulcahy drove up and started honking at the cops. Per The Daily News:

He then began to yell ‘will you move your (expletive) car?’ I told him he can wait until I am done and then I will move the vehicle,” Moody wrote in his report.

Mulcahy was not placated by Moody’s response, saying that the officer “wasn’t doing anything and to just move the vehicle.”

“I advised him that the world didn’t revolve around him and that we were almost completed with the call,” Moody said.

At this point, Mulcahy decided to get out of his car and walk away. Maybe to blow off some steam? If that was the reason, it didn’t work because he returned shortly after to continue talking shit, swearing and yelling at Officer O’Brien. O’Brien warned Mulcahy he’d be arrested and charged if he didn’t stop:

Mulcahy ignored O’Brien’s order and moments later, Moody took Mulcahy’s arm as he began handcuffing him. Mulcahy did not go quietly, however, walking away from the officers. When Moody was unable to control both of his arms, he and O’Brien performed a leg sweep to trip Mulcahy to the ground.

Mulcahy was taken to the station and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and interfering with a police officer. On Feb. 8, a judge upheld the disorderly conduct and resisted arrest charges for six months after Mulcahy admitted he could be found guilty by a jury if the case went to trial. The charge of interfering with an officer (probably because the officers weren’t actually doing anything) was dropped. If Mulcahy stays out of trouble for six more months, the rest of the charges will be dropped.

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