“Mars World” simulation to bring Mars to Las Vegas

Visit Vegas for the buffets, stay for a new attraction simulating the surface of Mars. In what sounds like a baby step toward Total Recall, a consortium of business executives plan to erect an immersive experience called “Mars World” close to the Las Vegas strip. If we can’t bring humans to Mars en masse, might as well bring the planet to us.

The attraction will apparently be built between the I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard, giving customers a taste of a real life Mars colony. That includes “Marswalks,” a tram ride around the simulated city, and even opportunities to stay overnight in so-called “rough habitats.”

Mars World will essentially be a theme part specifically dedicated to the mysterious Red Planet, which NASA scientists hope to set foot on by the 2030s. We’ve already sent satellites and robots to the scorched Martian planet but shuttling people there will be a much more difficult endeavor.

Las Vegas gets about 40 million visitors every year, including influxes during special conventions, such as CES. Mars World is hoping to capitalize on mystified tourists with an attraction that’s unlike anything they’ve seen. According to Jon Spencer, chief designer of the project, he’s hoping to cater the experience to audiences who would normally visit Burning Man, the popular desert festival that takes place at Black Rock City in Nevada.

“They’re pretty rowdy, independent, artistic,” Spencer said of the Burning Man crowd. “Don’t agree with authority too much. At Burning Man, clothing is optional. If you take that as a foundation and extend that out further in the controlled environment, then we have amazing characters, artwork and costumes.”

In other words, it sounds like college. Mars World is expected to launch by 2021 and offer guests free admission when it opens.

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