Mercedes Delays US Sales Of Its First All-Electric Vehicle Until 2021

The first all-electric vehicle from Mercedes, the EQC, was supposed to arrive at U.S. dealerships in a few weeks, but now it seems stateside buyers will be waiting until 2021. “It is a strategic decision to first support the growing customer demand for the EQC in Europe,” the automaker said in an email to customers.

Mercedes plans to launch 10 electric vehicles by 2022, but the EQC delay may let competitors Jaguar and Audi gain a stronger foothold in the United States. Though Mercedes may not need to worry too much, as sales of those vehicles have not been great.


Stronger EU regulations are forcing automakers to increase their electric vehicle sales in the region. This factor combined with slow EV sales from Jaguar and Audi likely played a role in the decision. It sounds like the right thing for Mercedes, but it is still disappointing.

This is not the first time the EQC has been delayed; it was announced in February that the vehicle would be delayed by three months due to battery production issues.

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