Mercedes Is Bringing Back The V8 for 2022

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It seems like just months ago that Mercedes discontinued nearly all of its V8 models in the U.S., claiming supply chain issues that forced the company to reevaluate its priorities. Well, that’s because it was just a few months ago. Since then, though, Mercedes has added a few more links to that supply chain — enough to reintroduce the V8 to the American market.


According to a memo that began circulating last week, certain models of the Mercedes GLE, GLS, and G classes will once again be available with the V8 engine. While the #WagonMafia may be perturbed by the E-Class’s absence from the list, Mercedes has already confirmed an AMG GT successor is in the works — the company doesn’t seem to be ending its V8 run here. From Motor Authority:

Dealers received a notice, which MA has seen and verified to be real, last Friday making them aware of the change.

Specifically, the GLE 580, GLE 63, GLE 63S, GLS 580, GLS 63, GLS 600 Maybach, and both the G 550 and G 63 models are coming back online.

The notice informed dealers that 2022 model year orders previously placed in the system will be now be available and can be placed once any modifications needed are made. Leftover model year 2021 orders will be converted to 2022 model year orders.


Photo: Mercedes-Benz

This means that both G-class models, previously discontinued, will be made available to prowl the Los Angeles streets once again. What impact their return has on any production plans for the EQG SUV is yet to be seen, but Mercedes likely knows the days of these brawny V8s remain numbered.

With ever-tightening emissions regulations and the ongoing chip shortage, Mercedes could easily have discontinued their V8 lineup permanently. Instead, the company appears to have taken exactly the time it needed to get its supply chain ducks in a row before bringing back its highest-powered models.

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