Metroid Prime: Federation Force – 18 minutes of co-op gameplay

Still confused about Metroid Prime: Federation Force? GameXplain has uploaded 18 minutes of pure gameplay from the controversial entry in Nintendo’s popular franchise.

Still upset about Metroid Prime: Federation Force? Well, this footage isn’t going to help. I’ve never jumped on board the hate train for this game, waiting to see and feel it in action before making my judgement, but straight gameplay doesn’t sell the title nearly as well as a Nintendo trailer does. The Nintendo Direct made this game look like a blast to swing in those players on the fence, but I can definitely see how this game can get bogged down in between the fun parts.

Again, I don’t “hate” this because it’s not a traditional Metroid; however, a clearer picture of the reality of this game doesn’t necessarily make me love it, either.

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