Miami’s F1 Circuit Wants To Host Other Events In Its Very Small Window Of Availability

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Miami Grand Prix promoters have yet to host their inaugural Formula One race, but they’re already dreaming about all the other series that the temporary street circuit can host during the very brief moment of time where the track will be assembled, RACER reports.


Here’s a little more from the article:

“I think it’s possible, but the limited time window from the scheduling standpoint is really the challenge,” [event managing partner Tom] Garfinkel told RACER. “You start getting too far after the (F1) race, and it gets real hot in Miami in the summertime.

“Before the race we’ve got the Miami Open tennis tournament in late March every year, and football season before that. So it’ll be limited to what we can do on the track in terms of these events, so the track and the whole experience has been designed around the Formula 1 event.”

The race at the Miami International Autodrome will take place on May 8, 2022, and since it’s a temporary street-style circuit that takes place around the Hard Rock Stadium, you’re not going to have a ton of time to host this race. While the event doesn’t take up many public roads, there will still be a ton of different structures that have to be built and disassembled. It makes sense to want to host a race there in that time and make the most of the circuit — but it’s also not easy.

Both NASCAR and IndyCar have released their 2022 schedules, so Garfinkel is looking toward 2023. As he notes, a second race would likely have to take place before the F1 event, since it starts to get hot — but it’s also not likely that IndyCar will be competing outside of Indianapolis once the month of May really gets started.

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Whether or not Garfinkel’s dreams come true will remain to be seen — and will likely hinge on the success of the F1 event in 2022.

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