Michael Fux Has His New Hispano-Suiza

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The Hispano-Suiza Carmen Boulogne is a 1,114 horsepower electric supercar of which only five will be made, including one delivered recently to the mattress innovator Michael Fux. Fux is a guy who has a weakness for gauche supercars, and the purple Carmen Boulogne is no exception.


Fux is a well-known guy in this particular part of the car world, having previously received the first McLaren Senna, adding to a collection of dozens of cars, many in unique colors that Fux likes to suggest himself. The purple shade of this Carmen Boulogne is called Ocean Song Rose. The Boulogne version of the car, a slightly hotter version of the regular 1,006 horsepower Carmen, is also said to cost €1.65 million, or about $1.8 million, though it’s probably even more than that, depending on how customized Fux’s Carmen Boulogne is.

Congratulations to Fux, whose Instagram is also worth a follow simply for the vibes. Also please enjoy this Fux cameo in a Wall Street Journal story from 2007 about how the kids are driving so damn fast and crashing their supercars:

Veteran sports-car connoisseur Michael Fux says he has a pretty good idea why all these crashes are happening. The 64-year-old mattress entrepreneur from Miami, whose collection includes a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari 599, an Enzo and five Lamborghinis, says younger drivers are constantly challenging him to race. “These kids, they don’t use their heads,” he says. “They think they’re back in the old Wild West.”

Michael Fux will not race you in his Hispano-Suiza, what do you think this is, the old Wild West? Michael Fux also used to have a Ferrari Enzo, which was sadly crashed with two dealership employees inside in 2014, though Fux has plenty of cars to spare. I encourage you to spend a few minutes scrolling his Instagram, which features a lot of his possibly unsellable collection of cars, given his color choices, some heinous and some inspired. There’s true commitment to the bit there, though, too, to which I have only the utmost respect.

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