Minneapolis Police Chase Ends With 2 Dead, 3 Injured and a Halved Mercedes SUV

Here’s one half — and the other half of the stolen Mercedes SUV. Yes. Half.
Gif: Twitter @cegertKSTP

Here’s yet another chapter to add to our storybook of police chases ending in deaths. Today’s story takes us to Minnesota where a police pursuit early Thursday morning has so far resulted in the death of two people, with three others recovering from resulting injuries


According to a release posted on the Robbinsdale Police Department’s Facebook, authorities say around 2:24 a.m., officers spotted a vehicle identified as stolen from a prior armed carjacking in Minneapolis (just a few miles away) the evening before on December 8. The officers attempted to pull over the stolen vehicle, a Mercedes SUV, for what they’re calling a “high-risk traffic stop,” when the SUV failed to pull over.

The ensuing pursuit took Robbinsdale officers into Minneapolis where the initial investigation says the driver of the stolen SUV lost control and crashed. From there, here’s what authorities shared:

Robbinsdale officers were able to determine there were five occupants in the vehicle.

One occupant was deemed deceased on scene of the crash. First Aid was administered to the four other occupants who were transported to a local area hospital. Of the four occupants that were transported, one was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. The other occupants are currently being treated for substantial, non-life threatening injuries. This is an unfortunate incident for all involved.

Robbinsdale PD further shares the occupants were found to be juveniles. The incident is still under investigation, and the department is working with Minnesota State Patrol to reconstruct the accident scene.

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