Mustang Crashes Peeling Out Of Cars And Coffee For The Billionth Time

Mustang Crashes Peeling Out Of Cars And Coffee For The Billionth Time

Now, before we’re quick to condemn the driver of this Ford Mustang, we have to look at the whole situation here: daytime, in clear weather with great visibility, in a well-maintained modern car, and a dry, smooth, completely flat and straight road free of any traffic in the lanes. So, you know, with all those factors, it’s easy to see how this could happen. If you’re a moron.

Shockingly, this Mustang was exiting a Cars and Coffee meetup in Chicago. A big reason why so many Cars and Coffee and similar events and meetups get cancelled is because morons will feel a burning desire to show off as they exit, leaving the parking lot of the event way too fast and recklessly.


This particular disaster, sent in by a several readers and seen on Reddit’s r/cars, is especially eye-rolling because there’s absolutely no reason this should have happened. The road is dry, empty (in the lanes the Mustang was pulling into), and totally flat. The driver just gave it too many beans, breaking the back end free.

Then, leaping into action, he lavishly soiled his pants, and then overcorrected and panicked in exactly the wrong way, hitting that poor chump in the white car who was just waiting to make a turn.


I know our regular readers don’t need to hear this, but it’s worth a reminder: if you want to have car meetups, don’t be an idiot. If you have a powerful rear-wheel drive car and deep down you know it has capabilities far beyond yours, just clutch in and rev the engine to feel like a big shot.

Nobody cares, anyway, and at least if you’re not in gear you might not wreck someone’s car and fling all their papers all over the street. That was probably the only draft of that poor bastard’s amazing novel, too.

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