New Acura Integra Will Get A Manual Transmission, Probably Won’t Suck

A top-down shot of the new Integra's six-speed manual transmission

Image: Acura

Ever since Acura announced plans to bring back the Integra, details on what exactly the new Integra will be have remained scarce. A spokesperson for the Japanese automaker said it would have “the same fun-to-drive spirit and DNA of the original,” but that’s not exactly much to go on. Now, however, we at least know one thing about the new Integra. It’s getting a manual transmission.


Specifically, Acura’s given the new Integra a six-speed manual transmission, which it showed off in a teaser video that it today. The video itself is less than 30 seconds long and shows a disembodied hand rowing through the gears, one from each generation of Integra. So there you go. Manual Integra confirmed.

Oh, and assuming that’s the production car’s actual exhaust note in the video, it sounds pretty good, too.

With so much speculation that this will basically be Acura’s version of the upcoming Civic Type R, it’s not exactly surprising news. But it should still be a welcomed announcement after a claimed “leak” of the new Integra ended up being nothing more than a badly photoshopped ILX. From the official teasers we’ve seen so far, the actual Integra and its handy liftback design will be significantly more attractive than that, uh, “speculative rendering.”

A shadowy image of the new Integra's rear end

Image: Acura

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Unfortunately for us, we probably won’t find out what the new Integra looks like for several more months. And that’s at the very minimum. Odds are, we’ll have to wait even longer because the official line from Acura is that it’s working on a “2022 introduction.”

Maybe the new Integra will be a more luxurious Civic Type R. Maybe all-wheel drive will be an option. Maybe we’ll get both a Type S and a Type R variant. Or maybe not. But as of today, we know for sure that Acura at least plans to offer a manual transmission option when it reveals the new Integra sometime next year.

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