Next-Gen BMW M2 Will Get Two Versions As BMW Tests Limits Of Absurd Lineup: Report

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The outgoing BMW 2 Series is the M2 Competition—a 405 hp, 406 lb-ft tire-shredding two-door coupe. The new BMW 2 Series is an all-wheel drive sedan based on a Mini. Reports claim BMW will now make two different M-versions—one for each configuration—for some reason.

As is standard for BMW’s model lineup, things can be confusing here. The current, outgoing 2019 BMW M2 Competition is based on the outgoing European 1 Series, which was built from 2014 to 2019. Since both that 1 Series and the U.S. 2 Series based on it are going out of production, BMW will now reportedly shift the “2 Series” moniker to two different platforms.


Illustration for article titled Next-Gen BMW M2 Will Get Two Versions As BMW Tests Limits Of Absurd Lineup: Report

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The first one we know as the new 2020 2 Series Gran Coupe—the four-door all-wheel drive sedan based on a front-wheel drive Mini platform. The second new 2 Series will be based on the same platform as the current 3 Series, BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, according to Autocar:

Nothing is official at this early stage, but insiders hint that the S58 will be tuned to provide the new junior M car with at least 420bhp in standard form – a 16bhp increase over today’s M2 Competition – to top the 416bhp of the turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in the Mercedes-AMG A45 S.

Together with 406lb ft of torque, this should ensure off-the-line performance is on par with, if not better than, that of its predecessor, despite an incremental increase in weight due to slightly larger dimensions. Its 0-62mph time should be in the low four-second bracket and its top speed close to 175mph when configured with a final drive ratio similar to today’s M2.

The basis for the new M2 is the forthcoming second-generation 2 Series Coupé, itself heavily related to the third-generation Z4 and its Toyota GR Supra sibling.

And both will get M-versions, again, from Autocar:

Autocar also understands the M2 will eventually be joined by a four-door namesake, despite previous reports to the contrary. Rivaling the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 and forthcoming new Audi RS3 Saloon, the M2 Gran Coupé will get around 400bhp from a highly tuned version of the M235i Gran Coupé’s four-cylinder engine and have fully variable four-wheel drive.


Autocar also reports the coupe is codenamed G87, will likely keep the six-speed manual, at least in Europe, and the non-M coupe is expected to ship sometime later next year. We should take all of this with an asteroid of salt, though, as Autocar did its usual thing and only cited “insiders” it didn’t name.

So BMW may be giving us the car it knows we want, with two doors, an inline-six powering the rear-wheels, and possibly a manual. It’s also giving us something with four doors that people may actually buy. There’s just one catch I know you’re worried about with the coupe—again from Autocar:

The two are said to share similar front-end styling, most notably in the shape of the grille and headlights. However, the longitudinal engine in the new M2 dictates a longer bonnet and a more cab-rearward profile than its transverse-engined four-door relation.


Let’s wait and see it before we react too strongly.

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