NFL QB prospect Malik Willis caught on video in random act of kindness

Former Liberty QB Malik Willis giving aid to a man sitting on a street corner.

Former Liberty QB Malik Willis giving aid to a man sitting on a street corner.
Screenshot: Twitter: @rlacey23

Former Liberty University quarterback Malik Willis, who is projected to be one of the first three QBs selected in the 2022 draft, was caught on video performing a random act of kindness.


In a video posted on Twitter this morning that has over one million views, Willis is seen bent over, opening up his suitcase on the street and handing several of the items inside to a man seated on a milk crate at an Indianapolis street corner.

From the distance of the video, it’s hard to tell exactly what Willis is giving to the man, but it appears to be new clothing wrapped in plastic. The heartwarming video has made the rounds on social media, with some users predictably skeptical about whether the shot was strategically set up or not, but with most applauding Willis for his kindness.

In the background of the video, you can hear a man’s voice say, “That is Malik.” The man behind the video, Ryan Lacey, also tagged Willis’ former college team in the replies.

In 2019, Willis transferred from Auburn to Liberty, where he started his final two years and led the program to a 10-1 season and Top 25 finish in 2020. He told the press on Wednesday that he thought his NFL dreams were shot after leaving the blue-blood program at Auburn, but he’s one of the top QBs in this 2022 class, and he understands the public pressure that comes with being an NFL QB.

“I mean, you’re the face of the franchise, literally. You’re the face of the city. So, you’ve got to understand everything that comes with that and making sure you’re doing all the right things and making sure you’re doing your job,” Willis said in his combine media interview, Per ESPN.


Based on this video, he definitely seems like the type of guy you’d want as the face of your franchise — not to mention his dual-threat arm strength and mobility. Concerns about his throwing accuracy are the biggest issue in the “cons” department for prospective teams at the moment as the draft class moves forward in completing evaluations this week.

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