Now You Can Buy Coca-Cola Preloaded With Coffee So You No Longer Have To Mix It in Yourself

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Coca-Cola With Coffee (Vanilla 4-Pack) | $6 | Walmart

Coca-Cola With Coffee (Dark Blend 4-Pack) | $6 | Walmart

Are you tired of getting up each day, going through the hassle of brewing your own pot of coffee before dumping a couple ounces into your daily morning cola? The Coca-Cola company feels your pain, which is why it’s now selling Coke with coffee already locked and loaded, sparing you from having to do the hard part yourself. Appropriately named Coca-Cola With Coffee, the drink isn’t exactly new to anyone who lives in or has been to Asia or Australia since 2017. As our own Andrew Hayward noted in our Slack conversation about this accursed topic, he threw back a can in Seoul about a year and a half ago.

“Coke With Coffee was literally the first thing I drank when touching down in Seoul about a year and a half ago (remember travel?), after spotting it in the airport convenience store and having a laugh. Given the pairing of sugary soda and coffee flavor, it’s unsurprisingly abrasive. But it’s an interesting concoction, at least, and if you’re a daily Coke drinker anyway, it might hit the spot. No promises.”


While I saw it for myself in a convention center vending machine when I visited Taiwan in 2019, I couldn’t bring myself to actually spend money on a drink I routinely make at home. My friend and former coworker Bill Thomas at TechRadar, however, did take a swig, though their recollection of the event is hazy at best.

“I remember it wasn’t good but I don’t remember why. Probably because it was cola with coffee.”

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Suffice to say, the reviews from people who’ve tried it aren’t exactly glowing, but if your morbid curiosity gets the best of you, why not pick up a four-pack or two for the whole family to enjoy? That way, you’ll save at least a day of playing disgraced scientist with your favorite soda-roast. Walmart offers a “Dark Blend” as well as a vanilla-flavored option, or you can buy individual cans and try them all. There’s a third, caramel option available too if you’re brave. After all, they’re only 70 calories a can.

Otherwise, you can just buy normal Coke in bulk, brew a pot of joe in the coffee maker, and put them in the blender for an extra morning boost.


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