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Just a few months after Ford announced the all-electric drag racing Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 it has delivered on its promised 8-second quarter mile time. On the first day of the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis this weekend Ford rolled out the EV monster for a stonking great run. How quick? 8.27 seconds at 168 miles per hour. Hell yeah!


Big power electric motor mavens Cascadia Motion worked with Ford Performance to provide power to the Cobra Jet 1400—which incidentally has been tested up to 1502 wheel horsepower, 100 more than expected. With a pair of CM’s DS-250-115 dual stack motors (about $26,000 each) the Cobra Jet 1400 has four electric motors paired with four inverters. Each one of those motors spins at 10,000 rpms and can put out 350kW (around 470 horsepower) per motor.

During this weekend’s racing at Lucas Oil Raceway, Ford will be putting Bob Tasca, III (recently recovered from Coronavirus) in a head-to-head race against Tony Pedregon. Tasca will be running the Cobra Jet 1400 EV, while Pedregon will be one of Ford’s 2018 internal combustion engine Mustang Cobra Jets. That 5.2-liter supercharged monster is regularly into the mid-8s in the quarter, so it’ll be a close battle, even if the EV is a bit quicker.


This kind of electric hot rodding, as usual, gets me really excited about the future of racing. Yeah, it’ll probably be expensive as all hell, but the 2018 Cobra Jet was already a $130,000 purchase. Racing isn’t cheap, and if you want to go fast, you’ve got to have cash. As they always say, how fast do you want to spend?

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