Polestar 2 Recalled For The Second Time In A Month

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No automaker ever wants to see its cars recalled, but Polestar has suffered this fate twice in a month with its Polestar 2. Yes, there’s a different problem from last time.


All Polestar 2 units were recalled at the start of October for what turned out to be an issue with the Battery Energy Control Module. That problem caused drivers to lose power while they were on the road, necessitating a tow because the car could not be restarted.

That in and of itself is unfortunate—but it turns out that it isn’t Polestar’s only problem.


Now, the recall is related to something called the High Voltage Coolant Heater, which is responsible for controlling the temperature in the cabin and of the car’s battery itself. Not exactly ideal.

From a Polestar statement:

From Monday 2 November, affected customers will begin to be contacted by email and notified of the issues, the solutions and the next steps. Any undelivered vehicles will be updated before handover, and any vehicles already at workshops will also be updated according to the campaigns. There may be handover delays on new vehicles that need to be updated accordingly before they are handed over.

Polestar is estimating that 3,150 vehicles are impacted, but it’s recalling every single one of the 4,586 models delivered to customers—just in case. If you’re in the US or Canada and have ordered a model, you should be in the clear. Those 2s haven’t been delivered yet, and they’ll be fixed before being sent out.

As a little bonus, if you take your car in to any Polestar shop, they’ll also upgrade your software so that you’ll be able to take advantage of over-the-air updates.


Brand new cars with brand new technology are prone to problems—but Polestar is going to have an uphill battle reminding potential customers that you can rely on its cars to get you where you need to go.

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